Our Oil

Back to the source

Orchards of Laila's Green Label olive oil comes from 100% Souri olives that are all grown in the same orchard, just as it has been for thousands of years. Souri is the ancient name for the city of Tyre, Lebanon, where olive oil has been produced since olives were first discovered to produce olive oil.
Orchards of Laila has been run by the same family for the past 300 years, with the commitment to excellence that only heritage can bring. Farming trees that are thousands of years old, the Al Kaakour family is committed to retaining the integrity of the olives as they have always been farmed. The organic farming practices the Al Kaakour family uses adds to the production effort but is the only way to ensure that the olive oil produced lives up to their highest standards. 

All in the taste

Orchards of Laila is committed to bringing you the best olive oil in the world. Any bottle purchased is always from the most recent harvest, made from all natural, mono-cultivar early harvest olives. Our pursuit of perfection in farming and production creates an urgency to deliver the freshest Lebanese EVOO on the market. High quality Lebanese EVOO such as Orchards of Laila will look, smell and taste different than anything you are accustomed to using. Orchards of Laila's olive oil has a smell filled with robust aromatics and fruitiness – like green apple or green walnut. Orchards of Laila olive oil strikes a beautiful balance between bitterness and fruitiness that will heighten the flavor of any dish.

Benefits of olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been proven to be loaded with antioxidants which in turn reduce inflammation in our bodies. There have been numerous studies showing the health benefits of olive oil for your heart, brain, joints and more. By producing the highest quality organic, pesticide and chemical free Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Orchards of Laila is able to ensure that customers will receive all the health benefits expected from EVOO.